Ladrhyn Bexx is a British; Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Sound & Massage Therapist, Speaker and researcher in the field of consciousness and altered states. For almost 20 years he has studied in many areas of therapy, spirituality, health/veganism, mediumship, brainwave entrainment technology, meditation and sound healing.

His focus is on group and personal one to one sessions for bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit; For those to feel more grounded, centred and most important for like minded individuals to get their own answers to everyday problems.

He uses a mixture of many therapies and practices to balance and clear old energy patterns to bring in new energy, and to feel more centred, grounded, relaxed and focused.

The use of sound technology is very important, we are all made up of sound, a resonance, a frequency. It is what we resonate with. We can use sound to transcend the mind and consciousness to unlock our unlimited potential, to relax and bring us back to centre.


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Ladrhyn Bexx & The Parsonage Side Retreat is an organization in the research for consciousness.

The work we do is made possible through the generosity, intent and service we do to help

make peoples life better

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blood analysis.jpg

This is from a live blood analysis done in Bristol 2015 with Ladrhyn’s gongs.

Ladrhyn runs retreats , workshops and personal one to one sessions, in person or online. This is for people to gain their own journey of self discovery and to bring them back to their full potential.

Just like you, Ladrhyn has been through many life challenges. He uses a mixture of his different abilities and his past knowledge to understand the mind, consciousness, synchronicity and your life purpose. His on going research into many exciting areas of spirituality, consciousness, mediumship, phenomena and noetic sciences helps him understand about reality. With this he uses his intuition to gain more insight for peoples lives, and give them more clarity and peace of mind.

He is a Parapsychologist, Bio-Psychologist, Sound Healer, Gong Master, Lucid Dreamer, Massage Therapist, Psychic Medium, Usui and Seichem Reiki Master Practitioner, Quantum touch therapist, Paranormal Investigator, Energy healer & House clearer, Graduate of Remote Viewing programme by Joe McMoneagle, Light attendant, event facilitator, Speaker and video editor.

He specialises in a combination of therapies where he uses healing, intuition, guided meditation, energy clearing, gongs and breath-work to guide individuals to a state of deep meditation using trance and focus states. This practice allows people to gain answers for themselves, to receive insights, and reconnect them to their own guidance. This is best done in person, but can also be done at distance.

Here are some of the top reasons that people come to see Ladrhyn:

For readings, interviews, to feel better about themselves, to relax, meditate, to gain answers, to relieve anxiety & stress, past traumas, addictions, feeling un-grounded, spiritual direction, deep states of meditation, energy clearing, intuitive guidance, deep tissue massage, depression, lucid dreaming support, haunted properties, spirit attachments, motivation, tiredness, sleep disorders, breaking habits, dealing with passing, love, relationships, spiritual guidance and meditation.

Born in Reading Berkshire, him and his family moved to Somerset in 2004 to the south west of UK to build a purpose built residential retreat centre for sound technology and mediumship, influenced by the Monroe Institute. You can find more about his family built retreat centre here, where he also runs retreats every few months.